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Matt Myers

Matt Myers stands tall in the world of illustration, having lent his dynamic artistry to myriad projects, from the pages of cherished children's books to captivating advertising campaigns and insightful editorial illustrations.

With a portfolio replete with acclaimed picture books, Myers' illustrations are instantly recognizable. "The Most Terrible of All," "Battle Bunny," and "A Dog Named Doug" are just a few titles where his signature style comes alive. Through bold lines, effervescent colors, and an inherent energy, Matt captures the essence of each narrative. The details in his work are meticulous, giving every character he draws a distinct personality and a depth of emotion that resonates with readers.

Beyond being an illustrious illustrator, Myers wears the hat of an author with equal flair. He has both written and illustrated several titles, with "Hum and Swish" and "Dino-Gro" among his well-loved creations. The unique blend of humor, warmth, and universal appeal in his books makes them favorites for readers spanning all age groups.

Throughout his career, Myers' exceptional talent has been celebrated by prestigious platforms like the Society of Illustrators and the New York Times Book Review, and was selected afurther establishing his place in the annals of illustrative excellence.

Away from his drafting table, Matt is settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, sharing his life with his wife and their two children.

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