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Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes is a British illustrator known for her whimsical and charming illustrations in children's books. She was born in Bath, England.

Hughes studied illustration at Kingston University, where she developed her loose, energetic, and distinctive style characterized by soft colors, delicate lines, and intricate details. She began her career as an illustrator soon after graduation and has since worked on numerous children's books, collaborating on over 20 books, including Wild Blue by Dashka Slater, and Hop Little Bunnies by Martha Mumford.

Hughes' illustrations are known for their warm and playful tone, capturing the magic and wonder of childhood. Her artwork features a wide range of subjects, from animals and nature to fairy tales and fantasy, and her use of texture and pattern adds depth and richness to her images.

Hughes has received critical acclaim for her work, and her books have been nominated for various awards, including Oscar’s Book Prize and nominations for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Laura Hughes' talent as an illustrator has made her a rising star in the world of children's literature. Her captivating illustrations, infused with warmth and humor, bring joy and delight to readers of all ages.

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