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Doug Salati

Doug Salati, an illustrious author and illustrator based in New York City, has made significant waves in the realm of children's literature. Earning wide acclaim for his exceptional skills in visual storytelling, Salati's works are a testament to his profound passion for art and narrative.

His debut as an author-illustrator with the picture book "Hot Dog" not only garnered immense praise but also clinched the prestigious 2023 Randolph Caldecott Medal, a tribute to its standout illustrations. Doug's collaboration with Matthew Farina, "Lawrence in the Fall," further showcased his illustrative prowess, earning him recognition as a 2020 Ezra Jack Keats Illustrator Award Honoree.

Salati's foundation in illustration was fortified at the School of Visual Arts, where he graduated from the MFA Illustration As Visual Essay Program in 2014. His already blossoming talent received further refinement when he was chosen as a Sendak Fellow in 2015, allowing him the privilege of honing his craft alongside some of the industry's finest.

With illustrations that are as vibrant as they are distinctive, Salati's works exude a unique charm. His illustrations often take unexpected perspectives, drawing readers into the heart of the story, making them relatable to audiences of all ages. In a world brimming with stories, Doug Salati's artistry ensures that his stand out, captivating and inspiring readers with every page turn.

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